How to Apply?

Target Participants

Course Fee

The course is free which is sponsored by EaP programme which includes to and local travels, accommodation, living allowance and book allowance. Accommodation provided will be of international standards.

Reason to Attend

The course will offer a good foundation on the principles of engineering behind bioenergy technology and power generation & distribution along with financial viability and entrepreneur opportunities. The course would facilitate an invaluable forum for dialogue and open exchange of views and experiences with Ukrainian scientists and international professionals. The course would give a picture of complete know-how and pave the way to go about setting up a financially viable biogas and bio fuel project.

How to Apply?

Interested candidates may contact or in their respective countries to submit application to forward to a presentation for processing. The information to participate is on and the application form for the presentation is available on the 11th International Conference on Biomass For Energy with requirements for theses and presentation.