On Monday 21.09.2015 the summer academy started with the first workshop. It was devoted to bio-energy in Europe and chances for Ukraine to integrate such kind of energy for the replacement of imported natural gas with this technology.

A group of 12 scientists-representatives of different scientific institutes in five countries took part of this workshop. Intensive discussion about the most efficient use of raw materials started.

In collaboration with the international conference on biomass to energy the scientists made five scientific presentations at 22nd and 23rd of September. Main topics were related to bio-energy, energy efficiency, energy from microorganisms for the future, molecular genetics, agriculture waste for bio-energy production and a cascade use of biomass for foodstuff production and energy production.

Energy efficiency with waste management for bio-energy production.

Scientist represents molecular research of algae for bio-fuel production conducted in the research institute in Moldova.

The TAVRIA Academy of Melitopol (Ukraine) supported the workshops with a poster sessions and scientific presentations.

Meetings in the workshops and on the conference were well attended by approximately 200 persons.

The scientists involved in the EaP 7 workshop on Thursday, September 4th.

Our team, trengthened by the expertise and scientific knowledge transfer on Thursday in a major scientific workshop. The use of researchers own results for an innovative, scientific co-operation was discussed and agreed to consolidate at European international level.

The team from the Institute of Microbiology and Virology, Kyiv with enzyme research results.

The usage of biomass residues from food production have increased enormously in the Ukraine, shown with the example of corn, and just waiting to be converted into energy.

Biomass plants, including vine production wastes, which show a good rate while converted by the microorganisms to energy. Scientific studies in the Institute of Botany, Kyiv with team members from Georgia found a lot of attention.

Large quantities of biomass are waiting for the energy transformation in the Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. The energy efficient technology is present in Germany and some other countries. Germany, Poland and Slovenia could be additional partners in the project proposal for scientific research in a very innovative field of biomass energy efficiency in a future research project.